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Newly formed and founded in January 2011, the members of this young men’s praise dance team are well seasoned.  Their purpose is to share the Gospel with the gift that God has bestowed upon them.  These young Men of Christ have been serving God faithfully through the ministry of dance since 2006.  Their mission is to allow others to see Christ through their unique style of praise, in hopes of shepherding souls into the Kingdom.  They are well rounded in their ministry, touching the hearts of both young and senior saints alike.

As a dance ministry of the community, it is our desire to share the gospel through the gift that God has bestowed upon us. Not only ministering through dance to spread the word of God, but to also provide a community service and ministry that is open to children and young men alike.

In addition to sharing the Gospel through dance, they are dedicated to mentorship, bringing up their younger brothers in faith while giving God all the praise and glory.  These Young Men of Christ know that “only what is done for Christ will last.”  Knowing this they have been passionately sharing the Gospel throughout the San Antonio metropolitan area.  These are their humble efforts to assist in building up the Kingdom of God.

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